What is MySequester


There is an Australian indigenous word used by the Wirajuri People of Central New South Wales, this word is Murunga Yalenya. It's meaning translates to Restore, Revive and Bring Back to life.

MySequester aims to engage and reward all those in the pursuit to restore, revive and bring back the native flora towards a thriving and bio-diverse state.

Agricultural and industrial traditions have left the Australian landscape bald and unbalanced. Many government projects have aimed to restore the natural ecosystems and encourage sustainable farming and business, however these programs cater to large scale projects that require months of preparation and complex monitoring for funding. MySequester was founded by Seth Williams in order to simplify the application, calculation and funding process for environmental projects as well as creating more benefits for sustainable practices within our economically focused culture.

With MySequester, anyone can start an environmentally beneficial project. There is no elaborate application process or complex carbon simulation required to gain funding for tree planting or reforestation projects. In addition to this, businesses can diversify there community engagement and reap more benefits through offsetting their carbon emissions.


Why Choose MySequester?

MySequester puts money back into the environment and the community. Anyone can claim and earn money while they do long term beneficial work for the environment and the agriculture industry.

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